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Our team helps guide you to the finish line.

The road to recovery is a long one with multiple twists and turns along the way. In order to successfully navigate this journey, you’ll need to be equipped with the right tools for the job. Overcoming addiction isn’t an easy endeavor, but the right treatment plans and aftercare program can make it achievable and motivate individuals to push forward no matter what speed bumps may appear along the way.

Not having an adequate aftercare program can make reverting back to previous habits more likely with concern that the individual may get completely lost from the road. Let our team of recovery specialists help guide you to the finish line.

America’s Sober Living Aftercare Programs

Our aftercare programs are designed to help individuals retain independence while still having access to help and support as needed. Long-term support is one of the best ways to ensure long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

We firmly believe that no treatment plan is complete without aftercare programs. Our team of compassionate medical professionals are focused on helping individuals regain control of their life from addiction. This is done by looking beyond the addiction and remembering the person behind it.

Once our team gets to know the wants, goals and needs of an individual, they are able to help prepare them for the inevitable temptations and pressures that come from social and recreational use of substances so don’t hesitate to reach out.

No Two Aftercare Programs Are Identical

Thanks to our individualized approach to addiction treatment and recovery, our clients receive aftercare programs that are created to match their journey. Individuals battling severe addiction will want to have frequent check-ins along with mental health treatment as part of their aftercare program while others may only require monthly group sessions to keep focused on the road.

We strongly encourage anyone who needs or knows someone who needs a helping hand in battling addiction to reach out to our team to speak confidentially about the situation and learn how America’s Sober Living can help.

Understanding Who Aftercare Is For

You’ll notice a trend here of addiction treatment not being the same for any two individuals. Each person’s road to recovery will have different turns, stops and roadside distractions along the way but they all share the same goal, to keep moving forward. Doing so requires making sure that the lights work, the tires are aired up and the engine is in good working order which is what aftercare programs are for.

What this means is that EVERYONE can benefit from an aftercare program no matter how intensive it needs to be. If a client just wants someone to call on when a lapse in sobriety hits, that resource can be provided to help them prevent a lapse from becoming a full relapse.

Do Aftercare Programs Help If I Relapse?

Firstly let’s differentiate a lapse and relapse. A lapse is a one-time use of a substance after recovery but stops at that one use and the individual quits again. Relapse is when the addictive behaviors and substance abuse take over again and the individual is back to where they started.

It doesn’t mean the end of treatment though! Simply relapsing doesn’t mean that someone is unable to recover, it just means their road has an additional speedbump that should be seen as a slowdown instead of a hard stop. Relapsing is a serious concern but not one that can’t be handled with the right aftercare programs.

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