Sober House Arizona

Sober living facilities are an excellent way for individuals to transition from addiction treatment into living independently. However, it is important to know that not all programs available are created equally. When you are interested in a sober house in Arizona, we would love to talk with you about how our facilities work here at America’s Sober Living Campus!

Why Choose Sober Living?

You must select a good rehab aftercare program that makes sobriety sustainable. The bad news is that some shady practices occur within the treatment industry, which can add a great deal of stress to your selection process. There are some questions that we encourage all of our potential residents to ask before signing up for a spot:

  • What should I know about moving into transitional sober living?
  • What will be required of residents in sober living houses?
  • How will a residential aftercare facility help with new life skills?
  • What can I do to pick the right transitional living option for me?

No matter what, America’s Sober Living Campus wants you to know that structure and clinical supervision are important with any long-term sober living homes.

What is a Sober House in Arizona?

These homes provide continuing care after someone goes through drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona. These homes are also sometimes referred to as recovery residence or transitional living programs. The participants stay in a supervised recovery home and share the goals for achieving total independence once they reach total, stable sobriety.

Why America’s Sober Living Campus?

We like to make sure that all of our residents have the support and structure necessary to utilize the skills they acquired while in treatment. Sober living with us is excellent for those who:

  • Require more accountability while on their journey to sobriety
  • Wish to move on to an independent, yet more structured living environment
  • Are stepping out of an outpatient or intensive inpatient program
  • Now are free of alcohol or drugs in their system

For a resident to work toward self-sufficiency and gain admission to our facilities, they must be clean and sober.

The time is now if you wish to regain control of your life and move into a healthier, happier you free of substances and anything clouding your judgment. We would love to talk with you about the many benefits of taking part in our aftercare programs. We have a team of professionals on staff that understand this journey and the hard work you have put in to get here. When entering into our sober living residences, you will have freedom along with structure and support to get you to the finish line.

Not everyone has the same journey to sobriety, but we are here to tailor an aftercare program to your needs. We have the processes and structure in place to move on to independent living while lessening the chance of relapse. Call America’s Sober Living Campus at (866) 668-9624, and we can talk with you about our sober house in Arizona and what sets us apart from the rest!