Sober Living Arizona

What is the next step once you have completed drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona? Going through this process is already difficult, and you want to be sure that you have continuing care and support to remain on your path to a sober life moving forward. For many people, this means entering into sober living in Arizona.

What’s Next?

If you have recently gone through a treatment program, it is natural to feel overwhelmed at all that the future may hold. Trying to re-enter society is exciting, but you may also be worried about what you will face and how to deal with it. Even though you may be excited to enjoy your new life of sobriety while joining friends and family, you could be understandably nervous about all of the freedoms coming your way. This is where sober living homes can help.

These are some frequently asked questions about sober living in Arizona and why it might be the right choice for you:

Q: What are sober living houses?
A: These are properties owned by third parties that are generally separate from a treatment center. This is where a recovering alcoholic or addict can get housing that is structured to help with the transition into their new lifestyle.

Q: What are sober living residences like?
A: People living in a sober home will not be confined to the residence as they would be during inpatient treatment. They have the ability to come and go while adhering to house rules and a set curfew. The main difference is the following of rules, including things like completing assigned shores and going through regular testing to ensure continued sobriety.

Q: When should someone move into sober living facilities?
A: Someone fresh from completion of an inpatient program for alcohol treatment should strongly consider admission into a sober living situation. While a sober living home may not guarantee maintained sobriety, it will help to provide much-needed structure and limit the possibility of relapse.

Sober Living Offers Tremendous Support

When you go through any addiction program for alcohol or drugs, you may find yourself unsure of your ability to handle everyday challenges while maintaining sobriety. Entering into a sober house helps by giving you support, structure, and understanding peers going through the same motions. You have learned all of the methods and tools you need to stay sober, so you can look at a sober house facility as your trial run to implement everything you have learned. From there, you should have a solid foundation to work from so that you can move into the next phase on your own.

You Have Help Available

When it comes to sober living in Arizona, we take the time to ensure everything is covered and you have the support you need at America’s Sober Living Campus. We have crafted group residences for building up anyone committed to taking on a sober lifestyle. Your journey through recovery is just as important to us as it is to you and your family. We would love to talk with you about what sets us apart from the rest. Learn more by calling (866) 668-9624 or set up a time for a consultation at your earliest convenience.