Sober Living AZ

You may have heard of sober living in AZ, but you are not sure how it works or if it is right for you. It is normal to have questions, especially regarding all of the important steps in your recovery journey. When it comes to our luxury sober living here at America’s Sober Living Campus, we tend to get asked many questions about how it all works. By learning some of the details about the process, you will better understand what you can expect.

Sober Housing FAQs

Q: What are sober living halfway houses?
A: This is a type of aftercare program where recovering addicts begin the process of reintegration. If you started with residential or inpatient care, then it is time to enter into transitional housing so that you can begin living independently once again. With a structured program, you can enjoy a solid foundation to begin rebuilding your life.

Q: Will sober living in AZ residents be able to leave for school or work?
A: Residents are encouraged to seek employment or attend school while participating in their sober living phase of recovery. You may take part in school or work as long as it is not interfering with any of the treatment programs you are set up for. Attending school or working should be a structure for residents as part of the necessary foundation.

Q: Is there supervision for all residents?
A: America’s Sober Living Campus is supervised as a way to ensure wellness and safety for all residents. We have staff available should there be resident issues, conflicts that need resolving, and possible transportation requests. To make it even better, all of our staff have the training to deal with conflict resolution, check on chores, and more. While there is supervision, our residents are still encouraged to attend their 12-step meetings, handle outside responsibilities, go to work, and more.

Q: What should I bring when entering sober living in AZ?
A: Even the best halfway houses will suggest that you bring some items with you. All residents should have about two weeks of clothing and small personal items, reading materials, personal hygiene items, and approved medications (no narcotics). At our luxury facility, we provide all linens, blankets, pillows, towels, cleaning items, cookware, and laundry goods that you need to go about your daily living. We always suggest leaving various valuables and substantial amounts of cash at home. Discretion is also advised with electronics.

Do you still have questions about sober living in AZ? We are always here to help at America’s Sober Living Campus! We are always available to talk with you about the process of recovery and how sober living fits in as a piece of that puzzle. You are welcome to call us at any time – we have admissions consultants available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can reach us toll-free by dialing (866) 668-9624, and we can go over any of the additional questions you have and any intake information you require.