Sober Living Flagstaff

Willpower alone cannot overcome addiction. Readiness to accept help is a commendable first step, but it must be followed up with professional help. Residential treatment is the best program for those with longer drug and alcohol use histories. Research has shown that living in a controlled environment is essential for long-term recovery. After discharge from the program, some patients feel unprepared for the real world. A controlled environment is still possible through sober living homes when readmission is impossible.

A sober living facility is a home shared by recovering addicts who are unwilling to resume their usual homes. These facilities do not offer the same formal treatment as a rehabilitation center, nor are they licensed. However, they build on the foundation laid by an intensive treatment program by reinforcing recovery tools to maintain sobriety. They employ working strategies, such as 12-step and other peer support programs for recovery. A sober living facility takes admissions voluntarily and allows residence for twelve months. During this time, residents cover their living expenses.

Do You Need a Sober Living Home?

Our facility is recommendable because it offers:

Greater freedom– Unlike a treatment center that is strict and supervised, our residence allows total control with unrestricted movement. We reinforce the lessons learned during your intensive treatment to help you along your recovery journey. While the treatment we offer is not as formal, it is designed to help you integrate the recovery tools gathered in your daily life.

Additional training– Combining outpatient treatment with a sober living home is a great way to extend your recovery treatment. It is easy to pick up different skills in our facilities, such as job training, managing triggers, and service to your community. 

Supportive environment– Our facility is safe, clean, spacious, and serene, designed to be as conducive to recovery as possible. Our former residents can attest to what living with us is like and how it helped them find lasting sobriety. All our residents are kind and respectful, and united with you in their recovery journeys. We have house rules in place to keep our environment courteous and pleasant.

Records– We adhere to strict protocols and policies to help our residents meet their objectives. We maintain strict admission requirements to protect the residents who stay with us, and substance abuse disorder is an essential prerequisite. We keep records as we believe these will be of service in monitoring your progress.

Drug screening– While our sober living facility offers you freedom, we require you to honor your promise of staying clean. To this end, we conduct drug screening if we suspect you have failed to be abstinent.

Supportive staff- Our sober living facility has highly trained staff at every point of contact. Their experience in dealing with patients in recovery allows them to offer you the help and support you require during your stay with us.

As you continue your pursuit of clean and sober living, we are happy to serve and enable you to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

America┬┤s Sober Living Campus is a premier facility in Arizona. Please call us today at 866-668-9624 to learn more about our programs.