Sober Living Gilbert AZ

Transition and halfway housing are great options for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, but it’s hard to know which one of these sober living homes to choose. Our halfway house in Gilbert AZ offers unique features. With its welcoming atmosphere, it is an excellent choice for new sobers and those looking for more independence without sacrificing the benefits of a supportive community.

Why Choose Us

Accreditation and Licensing

State officials have reviewed us. The licensing process helps ensure our program meets a certain level of competency and safety requirements. Our sober living home meets those high standards through accreditation by National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).

Clean and Structurally Sound Living Spaces

Our Sober housing features safe and secure bedrooms, kitchenettes or full kitchens, and other amenities. We design our houses as aesthetically pleasing as possible for a sober living environment. All our facilities are close to public transportation and local shops and restaurants so residents can get to their locations with ease.

Nutritious Meals

If you’re trying to be sober, your meals are an essential part of your recovery process. If you live in one of our halfway houses, we ensure you have access to three nutritious and delicious meals each day. Healthy food can also help reduce which sabotage sobriety efforts.

Strict No-Tolerance Policy for Alcohol and Drugs

We’re committed to helping our residents achieve sobriety. We go above and beyond to guarantee we do not expose residents to any alcohol or drugs while staying with us. To help our residents stop using, we’ve implemented a strict no-tolerance policy in our sober living home that prohibits both drug and alcohol use on and off-site. This means if you’re caught breaking these rules, we will ask you to leave immediately.

Clearly Stated Residency Rules

We require residents to pay an affordable monthly fee and follow a clearly stated set of rules to ensure that each resident has access to 24/7 professional support while enjoying a safe and stable,luxury sober living.

Recovery Support Services For Sobriety Maintenance

By living in our transitional housing facility, you can learn how to manage your recovery process while receiving support and guidance from trained professionals. While some individuals will live in these communities until they are entirely substance-free, others may choose to live with us temporarily while searching for permanent housing elsewhere.


We have safety measures to ensure a safe environment for the residents. We offer a 24/7 on-site staff member and a security system complete with cameras and alarms.

A treatment program that does not provide full support for a person recovering from addiction can prove detrimental to their success. Research shows that combining medical care with psychosocial backing leads to a greater chance of overcoming an addiction.

Therefore, those in recovery must find the best halfway houses — providing both physical and emotional support while easing them into independent living once they have completed treatment. You can overcome addictions through finding help at sober living halfway houses like America´s Sober Living Campus. Please contact us today at 866-668-9624 to hear more about our programs.