Sober Living Houses Phoenix

As you research sober living houses in Phoenix, spend a few minutes visiting America’s Sober Living Campus to see why we are the best choice for your continued sober lifestyle. We’re available to answer questions and provide additional information 24-hours a day when you call our helpline at 866-668-9624. Take your time when choosing a sober living facility; there’s a lot to think about and consider before transitioning out of addiction treatment and into a safe house.

5 Unique Benefits of Choosing America’s Sober Living Campus

1. When lasting sobriety is the goal, our staff can help you stay on the course you’ve begun, whether you’ve spent time in a residential treatment facility or took part in an IOP. How you got here doesn’t matter to our team; what matters is where you’re going and how you’ll get there. We take a unique approach to aftercare. If you’re looking into sober living homes in your community, feel free to reach out to us for more information about our program.

2. We recognize the fact that our clients need a safe haven where drugs and alcohol are not an issue. With our zero tolerance policy, you’ll be able to return to our sober living housing knowing there won’t be any triggers or temptations. Transitioning to life at home can take time; we’ll make your time in aftercare supportive, engaging, and enjoyable. After drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona, reach out to our professionals for information about sober living residences that are close to home and close to amenities.

3. If you experience bumps along your road to lasting sobriety, you’ll find our staff is compassionate and supportive. A lapse in judgment or a relapse doesn’t mean all of your hard work was for nothing. It can be comforting to know that a back-step won’t disqualify you for staying on in one of our sober living houses in Phoenix.

4. At America’s Sober Living Campus, we believe everyone who has completed an addiction recovery program can benefit from a stay in our sober living facilities. Other safe houses disqualify patients who are not at the right stage in their recovery journey. If you’re on the path to recovery and you need a safe place to stay, we believe sober living is right for you.

5. Our aftercare program is not a one-size-fits-all service; in fact, we believe recovery is and should look different to every patient. Wherever you find yourself on the path to wellness, there’s a place for you at America’s Sober Living Campus.

Contact our admissions team at 866-668-9624 for a consultation or continue exploring our Web resources to learn more about our facility’s amenities. We can offer the support and compassion you need during this critical juncture in your healing journey. Don’t leave recovery without spending time in one of our sober living houses in Phoenix; time spent in aftercare can prepare you for life at home in a way that an IOP or residential program cannot.