Sober Living In Phoenix Arizona

Getting out of rehab gives one a winning feeling because you just overhauled your life and made a complete turnaround. Most people are lucky enough to understand that they still need support after rehab to make the most of all the changes from rehab. In contrast, some people have to live in their cars, scrap off the little they have and still worry about losing their car while rebuilding a life.

Sober living facilities are the perfect place to find your next home if you are wondering how best to get your life together. There are many benefits of staying in these homes, from helping calm down nerve-wracking thoughts to giving you extra counseling, so you have a smoother landing back to real life.

The pros and cons of sober living homes

Supportive space

A significant benefit of sober living homes is that they do not tolerate drugs in their space. They know that minor amounts of drugs will create a disruptive and unstable space, where other people begin to revisit their usage and soon trigger another addiction or even overdose. You can trust our facility to keep up stringent laws against drug use, which means you will be safe from triggers the moment you step into the home.

Peer support

A significant aspect of sober living residences is the sense of community you get from other residents. You meet a range of people battling the same thing, extreme conditions, and rare circumstances, so it is not possible to feel lonely among so many similar people.

We reinforce the idea of peer support by introducing group therapy sessions and peer-to-peer counseling. Sober living homes are a different social environment because the interactions have a basis for sympathy and mutual understanding. Do not feel shy or afraid of talking to people because most people are consciously aware of how their words and actions affect other people, so you will never get the cattiness and shrewdness that adds to anxiety and depression.

Ease transition to everyday life

Sober living houses ease the transition into everyday life because they have rules and guidelines to keep you in the right mindset. The heavy focus of sober living homes is to make you feel safe and protected as you explore the world for opportunities to rebuild your life.

Sober living has continuum care to allow patients the opportunity to find medical care whenever necessary, a counseling professional on-site, and different stages of therapy so you are always on your toes.

Cons of sober living homes

Sober living homes have to end at some stage in your life, which tends to cause the biggest shock for unprepared patients. One has to prepare a strategic way to get out of the home to easily transition back into real life with a stable job and accommodation space. We would say the only con about a sober living home is its semi-temporary stay, which is always an oasis after drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona.

Our sober living in Phoenix, Arizona, has different living durations, where you can choose to stay longer until you can leave. Contact us today at 866-668-9624 to learn more about the program and the admission process.