Sober Living Phoenix

The lack of a stable transitionary home after rehab is potentially one of the biggest reasons for relapse. Many people risk getting into the same destructive environments once they get home and end up in worse addictions or go through the worst phase of their lives to get a grip on life finally.

NCBI has studies showing that people who are fortunate enough to get into sober living homes have the best chances at recovery. Do not doubt the nudge is driving you to find a sober living home because you are on the way to recreate your life in ways you could have never imagined. We strive to offer the best learning tools, concepts, and a safe environment, so you can walk out the door with a completely different set of skills and fresh eyes, and strength to take on the world.

An overview of our sober living homes

Healthy rules

Sober living facilities are a safe space for people undergoing rehab, and the only way we make it so is to put some tolerable structures. Please understand that rules are effective enforcement when you live in rehab because they train your mind and body to live in the real world.

Our rules are not here to cripple your life but to make you confident and disciplined about the next phase of life and develop your strength against common triggers. Check out some of the rules for sober living in Phoenix:

  • We have no tolerance for any drugs or indulgences like sex
  • All residents must adhere to random tests so we can ensure a drug-free zone
  • It is essential to have respectful behavior towards others and the staff
  • There is a contract to state the policy on paying rent and living with other people
  • It is necessary to participate in meetings and counseling sessions

The good news about our rules and regulations is that they are not inhumane, so anyone should be able to follow through without an issue. We are open to discussing any other issues related to our rules so you have a comfortable and successful stay.

Licensed business

Some states do not require sober living residences to have a license, so you cannot assume that each has the necessary papers. It is always better to choose a sober living home with licenses because they have complied with the state and local laws. Do not cut corners when checking out the documentation because it will go a long way in setting the tone of your stay.


Residents staying at America’s Sober Living Campus will tell you that they were immediately greeted with friendly staff when they entered the facility. We like to think that our patients see the effort we put into keeping a serene and supportive space, so new and old patients alike always have something to relish.

We can go back to patients who stayed with us for a couple of years back, and you will always notice that the warmth of the homes is a consistent factor in all our sober living homes. Call our staff 866-668-9624 to learn more about the transitional home, and the drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona to start the admission process.