Sober Living Statistics

A sober living program gives you a real chance at attaining lasting sobriety. It offers a drug and alcohol-free community that promotes health, passion, and purpose in a supportive environment. According to sober living statistics, you stand the best chance of achieving long-term recovery in a sober living home like ours. At America’s Sober Living Campus, we have the perfect living space that’ll support your recovery journey. Our safe and structured environment will keep you focused on living your best life, free from alcohol and drugs.

Sober Living Statistics

Sadly, about 40 to 60 percent of people who’ve received addiction treatment relapse within the first year of finishing their inpatient treatment program, according to NIDA, and as many as 85 percent relapse within the first year.

More research published in Psychology Today found that people who were sober for less than 12 months relapsed two-thirds of the time. On the other hand, individuals who were abstinent for a whole year relapsed less than half of the time. Even better, those who avoided alcohol or drugs for five years didn’t relapse 85 percent of the time.

Usually, individuals resume their normal routine in their initial months with the hope of never using alcohol or drugs again. However, this often isn’t the case for many. Not having a stable living, drug and alcohol-free environment can compromise sustained abstinence, no matter how motivated or strong-willed you may be. Also, going back to the place where you were once active in your substance use increases the risk of relapse. For this reason, sober living homes are vital if you’ve just completed your addiction treatment.

Sober living houses offer a supportive, structured, safe, and substance-free environment that helps you stay on the right track of long-term abstinence. In fact, sober living residences are backed by research that indicates a drug and alcohol-free, safe living environment combined with social support is essential to the long-term success of addiction recovery.

How Our Approach to Treatment Maximizes Individuals’ Odds of Getting Sober and Staying Sober Long-Term

Our sober living facilities have proven effective tools that minimize and prevent relapse with continual support from peers and our compassionate, professional team. We have our own set of chore expectations and rules in place to assist you in making substantial gains in your recovery journey. Here, you’ll attend regular therapy sessions and receive care for any mental health issue. We’ve also created top-of-the-line intensive outpatient treatment plans highly individualized to meet your unique recovery needs.

Top-Rated Sober Living Home

Sober living statistics reveal that recovery from addiction is an enduring process that needs commitment and patience. While you might not see instant results, our team at America’s Sober Living Campus can help you stay sober. We offer a safe and structured environment that will enable you to build a firm foundation for a successful, lasting recovery. Contact us on our toll-free line for a consultation or to learn more about drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona: 866-668-9624.