Sober Living Tempe

Anyone that has been involved in an alcohol or drug treatment program already knows just how important it is to have a structured, organized program. The environment called for guidelines and continued abstinence from drugs or alcohol for those in recovery to succeed with treatment. Once someone completes treatment, all support goes away, and it leaves addicts with a need for sober living in Tempe so that they can start transitioning back into the real world.

What Are Sober Living Halfway Houses?

Sober housing programs are there to bridge the gap between structured drug treatment settings and the often-overwhelming freedom that some addicts face once they leave recovery. For many people, transitional housing will give a much-needed period within recovery to get back to life outside.

The best halfway houses offer quality, much-needed services. Still, there can be pros and cons that all possible residents should think about before entering into a luxury sober living program. In the grand scheme of things, the pros and cons for any sober home will vary a great deal depending on the individual circumstances of each resident.


  • Recovery-Based Support – Staying engaged in recovery steps greatly improves the person’s chances of staying sober overall. When living inside a recovery-focused property, recovering addicts get a lifeline they need after treatment ends. This may include no alcohol or drug use, bonds with like-minded peers, staying with the 12-step support meetings, and working with a sponsor.
  • Healthy Living Environment – Sober living in Tempe operates just like a recovery-minded living environment as residents handle everyday life affairs – including meeting family obligations, school, household chores, work, and recreational time. During the process, immersion in this environment is the best way to navigate sober life in the real world while still having access to ongoing support.
  • Relapse Prevention Strategies – This is the opportunity for residents to use the tools they learned in rehab, including relapse prevention. They have the independence they would get outside but with a slight safety net of counseling and other guidance during the transitional phase.


  • Protections – A sober home is not necessarily a rental property, so someone staying there would not have the same protections when renting an apartment or house. Someone who does not follow the guidelines could get evicted with little or no warning.
  • Cost Versus Amenities – There are some sober living homes that will offer luxury accommodations for a price, while the others will only offer barebones basics. Someone considering a sober living program should take the time to research options prior to committing to just one program.

Would you like to know more about sober living in Tempe and whether or not this is a good option for your unique situation? We are here at America’s Sober Living Campus to provide you with all the details you need to decide the next step in your recovery journey. By calling us toll-free at (866) 668-9624, you can speak with an admission consultant regarding our intake process, pricing, and all other information you need. We look forward to helping you bridge the gap while taking your next step into a life of sobriety.