Sober Living Tucson

A sober living home is an effective option if you or a loved one struggles with addiction. However, people’s opinions and unfounded statements may cloud your mind of what a sober living home really is if you have never experienced a sober living home yourself. While it’s easy to believe everything you hear, it’s crucial to know the facts straight before enrolling in a sober living home. Here are some mistruths about sober living

Sober living homes are poorly maintenance 

Some people spread this myth that all sober homes are dilapidated houses that need repair. The privatization of most sober living homes means the facility must admit new patients if they want to survive. The need to admit new patients to survive has moved sober living homes from having been treatment centers to becoming the first choice patients seek for sobriety.

Sober living homes are in bad or dangerous neighborhoods

This misconception is far from the truth. This thought comes from the stigma that patients have over previous sober living homes. Many sober living homes are in decent locations. 

Residents are not permitted to see friends and family 

The support of friends and family is crucial during addiction recovery. Almost all sober living houses allow visitations. However, rules and restrictions may be governing when and how often residents can receive visitors. While the patient has to meet specific milestones, the sober living home’s supervisor or manager must approve visitors.

Alcohol or drug use is prevalent in sober living homes

What is the point of staying in a sober living home if the rest of the residents consume alcohol or indulge in drugs? No sober living home should have alcohol or drugs on the premises. The main goal of every sober living is to provide a relaxing place to remove the enticements of the outside world. Any residence caught using a banned substance may be required to seek counseling or transfer to more strict locations.

Sober living homes are not safe

Many believe that sober living homes accept anyone who comes to their premises, hence could put people’s lives in danger. The truth is that most sober living homes thoroughly vet every person that comes to the house. Sober living is the best for those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. These houses provide a safe residence for people to rest away from substance abuse in everyday life.

How America’s Sober Living Campus Can Help You Maintain Sobriety

Separating the myths of a sober living home and what it is actually like is the first step in your recovery journey. If you or a loved one is ready to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, America’s Sober Living Campus can help.

We have caring and compassionate staffs at our Tucson sober living home ready to provide the guidance and support you need to get sober and maintain sobriety. If you would like to learn more about our treatment program and sober living homes in Tucson, Arizona, please contact us at 866-668-9624. We are available 24/7.