Sober Living

When you quit using drugs or drinking, you think everything should automatically get better. However, even though getting clean is freeing, it can also be overwhelming and frightening when you think about re-entering society. If you have been using it for a long time, trying to learn to live sober again may seem like a difficult transition. This is where a sober living situation can help tremendously!

Sober Living Homes

Also known as sober housing or a sober home, sober living is a temporary arrangement geared toward helping alcoholics and addicts transition from treatment into everyday society. Sober living facilities are similar to a halfway house but offer more freedom. Like a prisoner in a halfway house will have to integrate into everyday life, many addicts need a stepping stone from drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona to the next phase of independence. Depending on the situation and the facility, many residents will stay within sober living houses for several months to a year before moving back into the real world on their own.

Harness the Benefits of Sober Living Homes

When entering sober living residences, you have to want to be there and put in the necessary effort. A sober home will never be effective if all residents just lay around all day and night. Sober homes are more than a house that is drug and alcohol-free. They are more of a learning tool or building block that you can use to transition into the next phase of your recovery. These facilities require you to be out during the day, participate in recovery meetings, often be involved in volunteer work, and execute chores within the residence.

The benefits are many, which include:

  • Enjoying a drug and alcohol-free environment during your recovery before moving back into society
  • Getting your life back on track so that you can enjoy daily activities but sober
  • Fostering friendship and having the fellowship of others going through the same path to recovery

Sober living is good for anyone who feels they need additional support before being on their own again. If you have had issues with chronic relapse or a lack of support outside of rehab, a sober home is an excellent choice. Additionally, if you have a long history of abuse and too many distractions at home, a sober environment such as we offer at America’s Sober Living Campus could be exactly what you need.

Get Started Today!

Is it time for you to take the next step in your recovery? Are you just getting started and want to set up sober living in advance of your entry into rehab for drugs or alcohol? We are here to help at America’s Sober Living Campus! We understand that each situation is unique, so we will work with you to ensure you have an aftercare program that helps you to thrive with your new skills.

No two aftercare programs are alike, and we want to help you in your journey with our sober living facility. Get in touch with us today by calling (866) 668-9624, and we can go over the intake process or address any questions or concerns you may have.