Tucson Recovery

Make Sober Living a part of your Tucson recovery to safely and slowly transition out of addiction treatment to your new life at home. America’s Sober Living Campus is a safe haven for patients who are concerned about experiencing a relapse after completing a recovery program. Our list of drug and alcohol recovery services includes customized aftercare programs, case management services, and clinical treatments in an outpatient environment. Feel free to get in touch with our staff if you have any questions about Sober Living housing- we’re available 24/7 when you call 866-668-9624.

3 Important Recovery Services at America’s Sober Living Campus

1. Aftercare at ASLC will keep you on track to reaching your recovery goals after leaving rehab. Our team will guide you to the finish line with fewer bumps along your road. It’s no secret that twist and turns are often a part of the recovery process; however, by choosing our aftercare program, you’ll be able to navigate pitfalls to a greater degree.

Overcoming any type of addiction is challenging, at best; with the right Tucson alcohol abuse treatment plan and aftercare services, lifelong recovery from addiction is achievable. Without support and structure during this important transitional period, many addicts refert back to previous habits and leave the path to recovery. Don’t make the same mistake; contact us today regarding ongoing Tucson recovery.

2. Working with a case manager from a reputable addiction treatment center will give you a distinct edge over your addiction. Not every alcohol recovery clinic in Tucson, AZ understands the importance of case management, which is why it’s important to connect with a sober living facility that can provide resources and establish relationships with addiction treatment and recovery programs that will keep you on a safe path when you’re ready to go home.

If your addiction treatment center was unable to recommend a good aftercare program, consider staying at America’s Sober Living Campus to stay focused on your recovery efforts. Our case managers will work closely with you to create a plan of attack that will help you deal with triggers that can undo the hard work you’ve accomplished. You’ll find more information about this and additional recovery services on our website.

3. Clinical addiction recovery services at America’s Sober Living Campus will help you make the right choices going forward. As you learn that addiction cannot be cured, but rather, requires a constant diligence over the years to stay the course you’ve begun, you’ll gravitate toward professionals who can make sobriety mangeable for you throughout your life. We employ the best clinical addiction recovery specialists who have a true passion to see our clients succeed.

When you’re ready to leave addiction treatment, make a free phone call to ASLC at 866-688-9624 and ask about our sober living housing that’s close to local amenities, inclusive of upscale perks, and safe from the temptations and triggers you want to avoid at this critical juncture in your journey. Safe housing is the best pathway to a drug-free life.