Case Management Services

Providing resources and establishing relations

Intervention and detox are the first stepping stones on the road to a sober life. After this initial breakthrough, treatment programs take over to provide ongoing support and care to aid in the rehabilitation process. When individuals need more outside of these programs, our case management team at America’s Sober Living is there to help provide resources and establish relations with other support groups or systems.

What Case Management Involves

Case management goes beyond traditional addiction treatment programs. It’s a separate system that uses established networks to help connect individuals to the services and organizations needed to give themselves the best chance at a successful treatment. This is where case management takes an administrative turn away from medical treatment.

By taking the time to get to know and understand each individual and their story, our case managers are able to create a plan of attack customized just for you. Once your goals and needs are outlined you’ll realize that what you truly need may not line up with what you thought or what others have told you should be the right things to do.

Case Management the Sober Living Way

One thing you’ll notice when working with our team at America’s Sober Living is that every process and step of working with an individual is all about getting to know them on a deeper level. Allowing us to form this relationship is how an individual can turn into a team helping to fight the good fight.

Taking everything learned from our time with an individual, our case managers apply the new knowledge to one of many substance abuse recovery frameworks. Each case manager is disciplined in multiple industries and understands how the systems work behind the scenes which means you receive a perfectly tailored network of resources and treatment options that fit your lifestyle.

How Case Management Makes Recovery Seamless

America’s Sober Living offers a list of various programs from intensive outpatient treatment to sober living homes where individuals can slowly transition back to a fully independent life. Even with all of these offerings, some individuals will need additional or more specific treatment options and resources in order to truly overcome their addiction.

Case management services step in at this point, taking the responsibility of finding and completing paperwork for an individual to have access to everything they need both during and after treatment. Don’t let all of the administrative tasks fool you, our case managers are just as caring, compassionate and authentic as our medical staff.

On top of the help provided in dealing with different private and government entities, positive case management experiences only further drive home a feeling of confidence and motivation to stay on the path to a sober life free of the crippling pressure of addiction. When the worries of housing, finding work and staying fed aren’t at the top of the list, it frees up the mind to continue pressing on towards a positive mental attitude.

Getting Help Isn’t Giving Up

It’s ok to ask for help when you need it so long as you’re putting in the effort as well. Supporting individuals that want it helps to paint recovery in a better light in their mind rather than viewing it as a burden or hurdle that they won’t be able to beat.

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