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America’s Sober Living Program Made For You

America’s Sober Living provides world-class care and support to help the transition between addiction treatment and getting back to normal everyday life.

Our team understands how difficult migrating from treatment straight back into the “real world” which is why we’re so passionate about providing a supportive environment in which you can hone your skills learned during treatment to make sobriety an easier goal to attain.

A sober living home can help you rid your mind of worrying about being able to abstain from alcohol when you no longer have the supervision of medical professionals. It bridges the gap to help reinforce new habits and routines so clients can truly be independent after our program.

You’ll Feel Right At Home

For some, the intensive nature of hospital-based treatment plans can be a little too much to take on. While some clients would benefit more from intense treatment, we’ve found that having a community of like-minded and goal-oriented recovery partners can help you naturally conquer your current struggles.

You’ll work side-by-side with our team of recovery specialists as well as fellow clients on their own journey to sobriety. Individuals are able to return to work and visit friends or family while staying at our sober living homes.

Join our family for as long as you need by starting with our seamless onboarding.


Treatment Is Focused on YOU

Through one-on-one and group sessions, you’ll cultivate a stronger sense of self-worth and responsibility for your new life structured around what YOU want to accomplish while remaining sober. Building relationships with others attending the program can help foster an environment and life of accountability.

We truly believe that a sober living home is the type of support that can help those recovering from addiction make a lasting change in their approach to drugs or alcohol and stay strong in the face of pressures both internal and external.

Give Yourself the Best Chance at Success

Sober living homes aren’t just focused on treatment to aid in recovery. Part of helping individuals cement a better mindset towards drugs or alcohol is making sure there are fun activities to take part in. We want to make the sober living experience as fun as possible to positively reinforce everything you’ve done and learned up to this point.

Creating a more prominent positive mental attitude will let you achieve things you may not have thought possible while in the midst of addiction. You’ll be able to reach out to those who have been hurt due related to your substance use.

Don’t risk all of your hard work. Give yourself the ideal model for success both during and after your stay.

We Prepare You to Fight Off Relapse

Even the best equipped fighter can be blindsided by an unexpected invitation to casual drinks or showing up to an event only to realize it’s more of a drinking event rather than social. Through our tailored therapy sessions, you’ll have made a contingency plan to help identify and avoid situations that may be more than you’re wanting to handle.

As you want to expand your horizons and prove to yourself you can fight the temptation, you’ll notice that the coping methods you’ve cultivated often kick in automatically when triggered. We want you to feel as prepared as possible before returning back to your new life of independence from addiction.

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