Sober Living Homes Tucson AZ

Dealing with alcohol and/or drug use is different for everyone. No two addicts are alike, but everyone is the same because they need support to get sober again. Sober living homes in Tucson, AZ, are a valuable resource for recovering alcoholics and addicts. If you are going through trying to live a life of sobriety, then it will be to your advantage to learn all about the many benefits that sober living homes provide.

About Sober Living Facilities

Many sober living homes are set up for patients that have recently left treatment at a drug or alcohol rehab facility. Others will take on a mixture of people transferring from a treatment center and those with addiction problems but might not be a good fit for rehab.

What are Sober Living Homes in Tucson, AZ?

These residences offer a structured environment for anyone committed to sobriety from alcohol or drugs. However, this is much more than a community to house recovering addicts. These homes provide support and structure and strict guidelines, and a low or no tolerance policy for relapse. Many people wishing to enter sober living residences must work, keep following the 12-step program, and participate in community events and regular chores.

Just a few of the many benefits of entering into sober living after drug and alcohol treatment in Arizona include:

  • Communication and Community – When living in a sober house setting, you will not be alone in your journey to stay sober. This means not feeling isolated or different from others around you. You will be living with peers going through a similar struggle with addiction.
  • Structure – This is more than a transitional home with other addicts. Many homes offer structure mixed with participation in things like meetings, meditation, and the development of personal recovery plans. The structure outlined in sober living houses is a great foundation for someone to use the skills and tools they learned in recovery to be successful once they finally go out on their own.
  • Easier Transition – The truth is that many people will end up relapsing at some point after leaving rehab. When you enter into a sober living situation, you will have an extended support system that might give you the additional help you need to enjoy success. Your journey to sobriety is personal, but the support you get when developing routines and navigating the journey with others in the same situation will be priceless.

You may have many questions about treatment programs and whether or not sober living homes in Tucson, AZ, will be right for you. We are always here to help answer whatever questions or concerns you have here at America’s Sober Living Campus. Our team is also happy to go over many of the other benefits of deciding to enter into a sober living facility after drug or alcohol treatment. Give us a call at (866) 668-9624 to learn more or set up a consultation.