Sober Living Mesa

Addiction is quite a challenging situation to conquer. Successfully breaking free from substance abuse takes discipline, time, and effort, even after formal treatment has come to an end. Therefore, most patients choose to stay in a sober living facility before fully re-entering society.

What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house is a controlled environment that accommodates other recovering addicts struggling to stay clean; however, the homes exist outside the walls of an addiction center. In addition, drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden, and personal support is given on a semi-regular basis.

The Challenge of Staying Sober

It can be somewhat scary to face society once you exit the controlled environment of rehab due to being surrounded by the same triggers you sought to evade. Furthermore, taking on and accepting a brand-new identity – that of a recovering addict – can be difficult even under ideal conditions, without the additional peer pressure that helped bring about your addiction in the first place.

A patient should tame the hurry to return to ‘normal life’ until they are completely ready for the trials and temptations ahead. In many cases, the most effective to get ready is to share your early recovery period with others making the same effort.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are for people in recovery who desire an independent yet structured and sober home life. Therefore, what exactly are the benefits of sober living homes specifically? Let’s take a look.

Constant Guidance and Support

In an SLH, you will be surrounded by people who support your recovery and who will hold you accountable daily. Usually, the homes have managers that are accommodated together with you and the other patients. The on-site managers are available 24/7 to help you with any potential issues that arise and are simply there to talk. In most cases, SLHs connected to a treatment facility will be equipped with support staff and alumni. These people can offer you advice when you need it most.

Meaningful, Sober Relationships

One of the most apparent benefits of sober living is the bonds you will form while there. You will meet and live alongside people in recovery and share common ground.

As you were abusing drugs, you most likely felt very alone and probably ended up cutting ties with dear people in your life due to fear of judgment. However, this can all change in a sober living home; You will not be alone as there will be company. As time passes, these people will feel more like family due to their support and understanding. You can call on lifetime relationships when things get tough; they eventually become your sober network.

Restored Life Skills

When an individual becomes an addict to drugs or alcohol, many other responsibilities are neglected, e.g., eating healthy, exercising regularly, keeping a clean home, etc. In the treatment, you will re-learn, establish a regime and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will re-build essential life skills such as doing laundry to more difficult obligations like finding a job. Living with other residents will also allow you to learn and apply interpersonal, financial, and other practical skills.


One of the most incredible benefits of sober living is the re-found independence that it helps you discover. With sobriety underway and a positive outlook on life and the recovery process, you’ll start taking life back in control.

Easier Transition Back to Normal Life

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of sober living homes is that they ease the transition into daily life. SLHs allow residents to get a sense of real sober life in society.